Red Butterfly Meaning

The symbolism of red colored butterflies Red Butterfly myths, legends, superstitions and related folklore from around the world.

red coloured butterfly

Some native american tribes believe that a red butterfly signifies a powerful soul or spirit.

Seeing a red butterfly flying near you often indicates that important news is on the way.

It is also believed that if the first butterfly one sees at the first of the year, or at the beginning of a season, that it indicates that they will be healthy.

The red butterfly is a symbol of instense romance and passion.

In Scotland, a red butterfly was once believed to be a witch in disguise.

Red or pink butterflies are said to promise many years of happiness to come.

In some cultures, a red butterfly (or red admiral butterfly in particular) actually is as a symbol of evil, or represents danger.

According to a Korean superstition, these dainty creatures have quite an evil to them. Apparently, if you touch a red butterfly (or moth) and then touch your eyes, you will go blind or have vision problems.

Seeing a red butterfly can bring excitement and can energize a person.

To some, a red butterfly is associated with anger.

Red butterflies seen within the home can often bring with them a special message for the person who sees them.

Red butterfly sightings urge us to pay attention to something, or to be extra careful or cautious about something in their life at that time, or to be extra prepared for something that is about to come.

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