Butterfly Poetry

Poems and Poetic Lyrics and Verses Writen About or Related to Butterflies.

Little orange and white butterfly on yellow flower

To A Butterfly
William Wordsworth

Catapillar crawling on green leaves

John Frederick Freeman

Gold butterfly on garden leaves

Ode To A Butterfly
Thomas Wentworth Higginson

Blue-Butterfly Day
Robert Lee Frost

Butterflies emerging from cocoons.jpg

A Chrysalis
Mary Emily Bradley

Butterfly life cycle

From Cocoon Forth A Butterfly
Emily Dickinson

Butterfly in garden flowers

The Butterfly
Clark Ashton Smith

blue colored butterfly

Poem Of The Butterflies

red butterfly on rose flowers

Roses And Butterflies
Victor Hugo

Grey butterfly on ground

After Wings
Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt

black and white striped butterfly on orange flower

Hugo's "Flower To Butterfly"
Eugene Field

caterpillar on green leaves

The Caterpillar
Robert von Ranke Graves

two monarch butterflies on pink flowers

Two Butterflies Went Out At Noon
Emily Dickinson

black butterfly

I Write About The Butterfly
Louisa May Alcott