Myths And Legends About Moths

The mythological symbolism of moths, including superstions surrounding them and folklore legends about moths from around the world.

Colorful moth on flower Moths are sometimes mistaken for butterflies because of the similarities. Moths are actually related to butterflies, there are some distinct differences between the two. There are many myths and legends surrounding the popular butterfly, but the humble moth also has much symbolism and story behind it. Here are some interesting myths about moths and a bit of legendary moth folk-lore.

Moths often evoke the image of destruction when one thinks about an old sweater or other valuable garments in an attic, speckled with holes from being 'moth-eaten'. So the moth can represent the process of slow, unseen destruction of the things we cherish the most--whether that be our religious or spiritual values, or any of the thoughts and emotions that we hold dear.

Native South Americans also integrated various butterflies into their mythology. The Goajiro of Columbia believe that when a white moth is found in a bedroom it may not be mistreated for it is also the spirit of an ancestor that has come to visit. If the moth becomes a nuisance, it can only be removed with great care, or else the spirit may return to take vengeance.

Among the Aymara of Bolivia, a certain rare nocturnal moth was thought to be an omen of death.

The Luna Moth--which is often mistaken for the butterfly but technically is not--represents spiritual growth, transformation, wisdom and intuition.

The Luna moth is association with the moon and its lunar phases. The moth, like the butterfly, is also a symbol of the psyche. But, unlike the butterfly, it is not usually associated with the concept of rebirth or regeneration.

Symbollically the moth is also associated with the feminine energy of the Moon (Luna), mythologically referred to often as the Great Mother Goddess, whose lover is consumed by his pasion for her, just as the flame consumes the moth.

The Moth is commonly known to be attracted to flames and light.

“Like a moth to a flame” --- a popular expression that refers to someone being drawn to something or a magnetic pull between two things.

Having a moth as a totem animal is often associated with optimism and can represent that one is heading towards the "lighter side" in life. The moth can also symbolize positive aspects of transformation, or one who is able to embrace change and handle any situation that comes their way.

The concept of the 'being drawn to the flame, or light' has some spiritual symbolism. Psychologically this quality can be associated with the human desire for spiritual inspiration, or the quest for enlightenment which is symbolized by the light of the flame; and fire representing the spirit, as well as human passion.

However, although the moth is drawn to the light of the flame, the fire can ultimately consume the moth; this symbolically can represent the sometimes reckless or relentless compulsion that can accompany any quest on the path for illumination. Sometimes one can become so consumed by spiritual matters that they neglect or try to escape the physical life.

The Moth and the flame symbolism can also represent the creative but sometimes self-destructive quality of passion, in general.

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