Butterfly Symbolism

orange abstract butterfly and flowers digital art Butterflies symbolize change and transformation in general. Dreaming about a butterfly can often indicate that you're going through a major transition or transformation in your own life. Change is an inevitable part of life and sometimes there are struggles and obstacles that go along with it. You might be struggling in some area of your life and depending on the context of the dream, the butterfly might indicate that you are resitant to this change (if appearing in a negative themed dream) or that you are ready to embrace this new change.

Here are some of the most common beliefs and symbolisms associated with butterflies:

Dreaming of a butterfly is usually a favorable and positive sign. The butterfly symbol is associated with joy, bliss, elegance, ease and positive change.

If you see a butterfly chryalis in a dream, or anything involving the butterfly before or after it emerges from the chrysalis, then it can often indicate that you will soon encounter major changes in your life. These changes can often occur slowly but can be very transformative. Dreaming about a catapillar and a butterfly can mean that the major change has already occurred and usually this transformatin was positive in nature. Dreams about a butterfly that has broken out of its cocoon/chyrsalis can represent that troubles and difficulties in your life are being left behind. It can indicate that improvements and new developments are on their way.

Dreams about butterflies in general can indicate some sort of transition or transitional period in your life. Just as the butterfly goes through its metamorphosis from catapillar to butterfly, a major transformation could be happening in your life as well. One stage of your life could be over or ending, and a new stage is about to or has already occurred. This could also indicate a period of great creativity in your life at this time as well.

The butterfly often symbolizes the soul and resurrection. Sometimes dreaming of a butterfly can be an omen of death. It can be associated with the transition from life to death. It can indicate the loss of a loved one, whether this be physical death or the end of a relationship or marraige.

A butterfly dream is can mean that change is invitable, but this change may occur gradually. It can be advice about seeing obstacles as opportunities, or to move through these life changes gracefully and with optimism. Change does not have to be traumatic.

If a butterfly is flying through the air in your dream, it could mean that you may have a need to share yourself with the world. It can mean to cultivate some creative talent or share your gifts with the world. Dreaming of a flying butterfly can also indicate that you might soon receive news from a distant friend or relative or receive a social invitation. Seeing many butterflies flying together represents a harmonious romantic relationship or marriage.

The butterfly in a dream can symbolize creativity, romance, spirituality. It can indicate prosperity and abdunance of wealth if you see the butterfly moving among flowers or in the grass. This prosperity could be related to a creative endeavor or special talent you have.

A dream of catching a butterfly, or holding it but then it flies out of your hand or you are unable to catch it, can indicate a need to surrender something in your life, whether this be an object, person or a perspective or idea. Something may need to be sacraficed for some positive change to occur. It can represent spiritual surrender and the need to "let go and let God". A butterfly is a Christian symbol that means spiritual enlightenment. A butterfly in your dream can be a positive sign from Spirit and you might be going through a spiritual transition of some sort in your life.

To see a butterfly with many different vibrant colors, or a butterfly in a tropical setting in your dream can indicate success or a sign that you will have a successful life or be successful in some project or business endeavor.

A dream butterfly may be a symbol of feelings of detachment or a lack of nurturing in your waking life. Dreaming of a butterfly cocoon can mean that you have recently felt "cocooned' or isolated in your life, and the need to be more social and outgoing. It can also indicate the need for one to emerge from some situation in their life and venture 'out into the world'.

Butterfly in a dream can represent the essence of your soul or spirit. Butterflies can represent ones strengths and weaknesses or ones mental and physical health. Often one will dream of a butterfly when they are going through a very difficult period in their life. It can also indicate ones hidden fears and needing to bring these things out into the light.

The butterfly in a dream is sometimes connected with one's social life. The phrase "social butterfly" can be associated with a butterfly dream. It can indicate making a big impression in a social situation or a sign that a significant social event is soon to come. It can also indicate the need to become more social in your life.

Seeing more than one butterfly in your dream can be a symbol of romance or a long happy marriage union. Several butterflies in a dream can symbolize growth, inspiration, freedom and acceptance of something.

If you are experiencing a crisis in your life or a major life transition is occurring, you might have a butterfly dream, or even a dream where you turn into a butterfly. Dreaming of a small or young butterfly can mean that you are feeling unsure about this transitional period or wishing to go back in time, or you are reminiscing about the past. If you see a butterfly building its cocoon or around a cocoon, or a dream of an adult butterfly or a large butterfly, it can indicate that you are comfortable or even looking forward to this big transition or new phase in your life.

Butterflies in a dream often represent longevity of life, romance, spirituality, joy, and creativity. It could represent a new way of thinking in your life, or taking on a new perspective. You may be undergoing some sort of transformation in your life. It can also indicate the need to settle down. If you see a butterfly fluttering from one flower to another, or trying to catch a butterfly and not being able to, can sometimes represents that you are lacking focus and may indicate that you are being too flighty or scattered in your life or thinking, jumping from one thing to another.

Dreams about butterflies, especially if you see it still in its cocoon or struggling to break free, it might indicate that you have feelings of being tied down, or stuck in some area of your life, and then you want or need to break free from something, or get out of some situation that has you feeling confined. It can also mean that you must try to think outside the box or break out of a routing and discover something new in your life, or try seeing something from a new perspective. These type of dreams of the butterfly in its chrysalis and trying to break free can mean that subconsciously you desire freedom or have a strong need for change.

A young woman dreaming of a butterfly can indicate a happy love life. A man dreaming of a butterfly can signify beauty in his life. Butterflies in a dream in general indicate life force, life energy, spirit and love. Butterfly in a dream can represent a new beginning, or new passion in your life, whether for a project or a new relationship.

A butterfly is a symbol of happiness. A butterfly in your dream can be telling you to return to or enjoy the more simple things in life. It can be a reminder of having a fun, playful or lighthearted spirit.

A butterfly dream can also be related to spirituality. It could indicate that you might be on or about to begin a spiritual journey. It is also a sign to start trusting your intuition more.

To see a butterfly flying in your dream in a countryside setting, can indicate that a situation in your dream that is related to your waking life can not be changed.

Since butterflies goes through a special transformation, in a dream they also represent this transformation process or stages of change and growth in some area of your life. If you dream of a butterfly in its egg stage it could mean that you are currently in the stage of just thinking about a change or in the early idea phase of a desired change or project. It can indicate that you must make a decision about something soon. If you dream of a butterfly in the chysalis stage, it can represent the work you must do, or effort you must apply to transform your dream into a reality or manifest the thing you want. If you see the butterfly in its adult stage if can indicate the sharing of your ideas with others, or some partnership with someone else that is connected to possible prosperity.

The butterfly in a dream can be a positive sign or mean positive changes are about to occur if you dream about transforming yourself into a butterfly, or seeing a butterfly transform. If the butterfly is happy or content in the dream, it also indicates positive change or a positive new environment or a successful move.

If you dream of catching or killing a butterfly in a dream it can indicate that you are being too superficial or possessive in some area of your life or with other people. To see a dying or dead butterfly in your dream can represent that you have unrealized goals or untapped potential.

To dream about a butterfly picture or painting, or mounting a butterfly speciman in a frame can represent sexuality or sexual oppression. It can indicate some area of your life where you feel oppressed or boxed in, or something within yourself that you are repressing, whether this be an emotion or an idea you have yet to act upon.

To dream about a butterfly sitting on a flower or fluttering around flowers can be related to your relationships. It can indicate that a major relationship in your life will develop in a positive way. Seeing flowers and butterflies in your dream can be a sign of love, prosperity and well-being. A dream about seeing a butterfly flying from one flower to another can suggest that you will soon receive favorable news from someone you know. It can also indicate prosperity or a new venture in your life that will bring good fortune.

If you catch a butterfly in your dream it can sometimes mean that you will soon meet someone you love. If you are hoping to find a romantic partner then catching a butterfly in a dream is often a positive indication that you will find this partner soon.

If you have a dream in which you or someone you see is crushing or killing a butterfly, it can indicate troubles or obstacles in your life that you are currently having. If you injure a butterfly in a dream in can sometimes be a warning about a betrayel in a love relationship or a warning to be cautious about someone. If you dream about a dead butterfly it's also an unfavorable sign.

When a butterfly appears in your dream it could be a message telling you that its time for a change in your life, or that a dramatic change is just on the horizon. The change is usually positive and may happen gradually, and there may be growing pains involved in this change. Often the darkness comes before the dawn, just like the butterfly is first alone within the darkness of the cocoon, and struggles to emerge into the unknown, but soon flies free, transformed in to a beautiful new creature, and has a whole new perspective. So butterflies in dream often symbolize personal growth.

A butterfly in your dream is often seen as a symbol for joy, happiness, success, elation and lightening of the spirit.

Dreaming about a darker colored butterfly can sometimes mean that you have excessive worry about some situation in your life. Dreaming about catching a white butterfly is sometimes related to breaking a promise with someone in your life. Dreaming about white butterflies can also be a warning about a disease or worry that you are having about a medical issue. If in a dream, a white butterfly flies in a room, or lands on someone in the dream whom you know in your waking life, it can represent that person or someone you know who will soon be sick.

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