Green Butterfly Meaning

The symbolism of Green colored butterflies and Green Butterfly myths, legends, superstitions and related folklore from around the world.

green colored butterfly

In Chinese mythology, a green butterfly is a symbol of good. It also represents love.

A green butterfly represents prosperity and fair attainments.

Encountering a green butterfly also represents growth and flourishing development, whether that means a flourishing relationship, business or personal hobby.

To some, a green colored butterfly can represent good luck and money.

Seeing a green butterfly indoors, or flying near the home, can mean success in a business or venture.

If a green butterfly flies towards you or circles around you, it can mean that money will soon fly into your life.

A green butterfly is associated with powerful change and growth which is or will be soon occurring in your life.

When one sees a green butterfly, it often brings a message of hope and encouragement. It brings with it a feeling of joy and calm, especially if one lands on you.

Strangely enough, In Voodoo, the green butterfly relates to the spirit of Bakulu-Baka. Bakulu-Baka both binds and sets captives free. It is considered a violent spirit that rattles chains. It could mean that you have his/it's protection or an omen of things to follow.

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