The Butterfly: Inspiration for Personal and Spiritual Transformation

Butterflies are one of Nature's most beautiful and amazing creatures. They flutter about like free spirits, but only after having gone through a long metamorphic process of growth and change. They are the only known living being capable of changing its DNA entirely during its metamorphosis from caterpillar, or larva, to the adult butterfly. That is, they go through a total transformation. You could even call it a rebirth.

blue morpho butterfly Spiritual transformation, like the physical metamorphosis of the butterfly, is a very difficult and often painful process. However, transformation requires growth and change, and so for our souls to fly free, we must embrace the growing pains. Many of us fear change. Change is scary because the outcome is usually unknown, but it is only by stepping into this darkness, like a caterpillar inside the cocoon, that we can in time grow, change, and emerge to fly into the light. Living, healing, and growing physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually require change and transformation.

To be reborn like the beautiful butterfly emerging from its burial shroud-like cocoon, or like the phoenix rising from the ashes of its very own funeral pyre, our souls need to break free from the illusory veil of the ego mind and free ourselves from attachment to the physical body and the material world. When we break free of this mental cocoon, we can spread our beautiful wings and fly free.

The Ancient Greeks' word for butterfly was Psyche (ψυχή). They equated these free spirits with life, breath, and the soul itself. Across Shamanistic cultures the butterfly represents:

• Growth
• Change
• Transformation
• Reincarnation
• Courage to make change
• Mental clarity
• Freedom of the Soul from the Ego

These small delicate creatures have inspired people across the globe to face their own challenges and obstacles and to have the faith and courage to take on the growing pains of spiritually transforming from the inside out.

monarch butterfly on orange flower


there she goes
she glides
upon the earth
flowing through life
existing in peace
in this realm
of pain
and suffering

she brings smiles
and laughter
upon the sullen faces
of all those
who do not
yet understand
that they are
where they need
to be

her aura
radiates light
yet perceived
by all those
who have not
yet chosen
to see

how beautiful
she is
her love
pours forth
from the inside

to be
in her presence
to be
in her light
the joy
of which few
are aware

she is
all that
everyone seeks
to be

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Article Source/Author: Julianne Victoria is a writer, healer, and spiritual counselor. This article is an introduction to her book, Butterfly Journal: Monthly Contemplations for Spiritual Metamorphosis. You can read more about her and her writing at:

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