Inspirational Butterfly Videos

Four Wings and a Prayer
Monarch Butterfly in Tree

A documentary about one of the world’s most beautiful and mysterious creatures, the Monarch butterfly. This film is a scienctific travelogue and a fascinating meditation on a profound mystery of the natural world.

The Butterfly Movie - Flutter Serenade
Cacoon under moonlight

The life cycles of butterflies and moths are nothing less than spectacular, especially when seen in intimate, time-lapse photography.

Real Time Lapse of Caterpillar To Butterfly
Monarch butterfly transformation in chyrsalis

Watch the incredible metamorphosis of a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly right before your eyes with real time lapse footage.

X-Ray Scan of Developing Chrysalis
X ray scan of developing chrysalis image

Watch this short but amazing video that shows a real x-ray image scan of the inside of a butterfly chrysalis as it is being formed in each stage of metamorphosis.

Metamorphosis The Science of Change
White Butterfly on Flower

Filmmaker David Malone explores the science behind metamorphosis. How does it happen and why? And might it even, in some way, happen to us?

3D Views of a Butterfly's Metamorposis
3D image inside chyrsalis as caterpillar transforms into butterfly

Educational video about the butterfly metamorphosis process with Micro-CT Three dimensional images of the inside of the chyrsalis during the caterpillar's transformation.

The Incredible Journey of the Butterflies
Beautiful purple butterfly

One of the most profound mysteries in the natural world is the migration of the monarch butterflies. This fascinating and educatinal pbs nova documentary explores the incredible world of the butterfly.

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